About TCI Products



Thank you for taking time to look at our quality line of PBE products. TCI distributors are the best of the best. It is no surprise to me that so many TCI distributors are thriving in today's challenging economy. I invite you to discover how our quality products increase your bottom line.

"I invite you to discover how our quality products increase your bottom line."

As a manufacturer and distributor of PBE products in the Americas and many countries, TCI has built a strong reputation over the past 40 years of providing quality products at competitive pricing. We manufacture products that are tailored to our distributors' needs and will help them grow into the future.

TCI Products is a manufacturer of clear coats, primers, activators, binders, lacquer thinners, a variety of reducers, surface cleaners, glazing putties, industrial cleaners and detail & car wash products. We use only 100% Virgin Solvents, always have and always will!  TCI offers a full line of low VOC products and we are a major distributor of paint cans (steel & plastic), paint strainers, paint paddles and plastic sheeting.

Our goal at TCI is to provide practical solutions as efficiently as possible.

Our packaging and labeling lines are 50 yards from our four 33,000 gallon solvent railcar spots, which are 50 yards from our 1,200,000 gallon tank farm. Our high speed, shear cut paper slitters achieve the highest speeds in the industry at 2500 feet per minute. At TCI, you can rest assured you are receiving the best price for the highest quality products, and our facilities are designed to deliver just that.

If you are an existing distributor for TCI Products, I thank you again for your loyalty and invite you to explore our wide range of low cost products. If you are considering becoming a distributor and partnering with TCI Products, you have my word that my staff will give you the quality, price, service, support and brand separation you need to increase your sales and succeed now and into the future. Together we will succeed!


Fletcher Stovall
TCI Products, Inc.